Riders must hold a current and full DVLA driving licence or a current ACU race licence. Note: a 33bhp restricted licence is not accepted by the circuits 
Preferably one-piece leathers, otherwise two-piece ZIP together leathers which must zip up all the way round. All MUST be in good condition without holes, rips, tears and definitely NO gaffer tape! 
Approved full face helmet (recommended Gold Standard with British Standard kite mark) 
Visor in good condition, ie: no scratches, cracks or fogging. Tinted or iridium visors are allowed when weather is sunny 
Good quality motorcycle boots (preferably mid calf, not ankle boots), again no holes, (particularly in the soles) rips or tears 
Good quality gloves, no holes, rips or tears 
Back protectors are advisable but not compulsory 
Riders must be 18 years of age or over to participate. The only exception to this rule is for experienced ACU licence holders, but any under 18s must contact us prior to booking to confirm they will be accepted. 


You will be required to produce your DVLA driving licence or ACU licence when you arrive at rider registration in the morning. Failure to provide your licence may result in you being refused entry to the track and you will not be entitled to a refund or credit. There may also be a charge of £5 if a call needs to be made to the DVLA to verify that you have a current full and valid road licence. 
All riders must register and will receive a coloured wristband and colour coded sticker for their session, which is to be clearly displayed on the front of your motorcycle. 
All riders must attend a compulsory riders briefing and receive a wristband to prove they have attended the briefing 
Both wristbands must be worn until the end of the event as they will be checked every time you go on track by the pit lane marshals 
If you intend to use a video / bullet camera you will need to complete an MSV permission form before you’re allowed on track with a camera. Note: all cameras must be securely mounted to your bike only - eg: suction mounts and gaffer tape are not allowed. Ho helmet cameras 
Your indemnity form(s) will be sent to you via email (or post if you don’t have access to email) prior to the day along with the information pack. Please print off, complete and bring with you on the day as this will save a huge amount of time during registration 
Forms will also available on the day if you forget or are unable to print them beforehand 


Good riding standards and respect of other riders are possibly the most important part in having a safe and enjoyable trackday 
Warm up laps are an extremely important part of the day and must be adhered to by all riders. The first session for each group at the start of the day will consist of three warm up/sighting laps behind an instructor. On all subsequent sessions, riders should do at least 1-2 warm up laps to ensure tyres are at the correct temperature 
During all warm up laps there is a strict no overtaking rule. If this is not adhered to then the offending rider will be warned and if he or she persists will have their wristband removed 
Remember that you have all day! It is recommended that build your speed up steadily in each session and throughout the day 
Use the instructors present on the day – they are very experienced and they are specifically there to help you. You will learn more about bike control, the bikes capabilities and your own, and finish the day a better and more knowledgeable rider 
Dangerous riding will not be tolerated and is defined as follows:- 
Overtaking up the inside of a bend 
Overtaking too close. Please give other riders plenty of space when overtaking – especially Novices who will be wearing hi-vis jackets 
Weaving to warm up tyres 
Slowing down too quickly for any reason 
When slowing for Red or Yellow flags the throttle should be rolled off so you continue to proceed at half speed – do not brake hard as soon as you see a flag 
Wheelies, stoppies, erratic riding and other dangerous manoeuvres are not allowed. You must be in full control of your motorcycle at all times with both hands on the handlebars 
Ride on the tarmac and between the white lines at all times 
Please remember the Paddock speed limit is 5mph 

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