Any road or race classic motorcycles built before 1995 are eligible to attend Endurance Legends events, but we will extend this to newer bikes considered to be within the spirit of our events, so please contact us to check. 
The noise limit at Endurance Legends, Donington Park is 118dBA! 
It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure the overall condition of their bike is in good, safe, working order for use on the track. Please ensure you have thoroughly checked the following well BEFORE the day: 
All fluid levels are at their optimum and there are no leaks 
The brake system is fully functional; the pads are not too worn and will last the day (plus ride home if you have used your bike to travel) 
Tyres are in good condition and have sufficient tread to last the day (again, plus ride home if you have used your bike to travel) 
Tyre pressures should be correct to either your handbook or a motorcycle dealer. Remember riding at speed on a track with incorrect pressures can endanger you and others 
Chain sufficiently lubricated in good condition and tension correct to your handbook specifications or local motorcycle dealer 
All bodywork is properly attached i.e. not loose or held on with gaffer tape 
It is recommended that any lights, indicators and mirrors be covered with tape, although this is not compulsory. Some riders choose to remove mirrors completely, to prevent damage or glass on the track 
For your own safety and the safety of all other riders on track, Endurance Legends will refuse access to the circuit of any motorcycle deemed to be unsafe 


If your bike breaks down, where possible move it to the side of the track nearest to you, as quickly and safely as possible. Come to a halt as far off the circuit as possible, when at a stop leave the bike immediately and get to a safe place behind the Armco – do not attempt to push it as you are risking yourself further. Your bike will be recovered by the marshals as soon as it is safe to do so 
If you cannot move your bike to the side of the track, please get off your bike, move to a safe place (eg: behind the armco) raise your hand in the air and wait for a marshal. The session will be stopped while your bike is recovered to the Paddock 
No one wants to have an accident and we hope all trackdays will be accident free, however, it would be unrealistic to ignore them as they can be a part of a trackday, so we take all effective measures in conjunction with the venue to ensure your safety 
There will be two ambulances/medical teams. If both ambulances are required to leave the venue during when the track is live, the trackday will be suspended until such time as one ambulance (minimum) has returned 
In the event of an accident on the circuit, you must not stop to help the rider(s) involved in the accident, (even if it is a relative or your best mate), but make your way safely back to the paddock. Not only would you be risking yourself, but also seriously jeopardizing the safety of the emergency staff who are trained for such issues, as well as everyone else on the circuit at the time 
The sessions are usually allotted 20 minutes. In the unlikely event of an accident that results in the session being stopped, the session will NOT be extended to allow for any stoppage time incurred. If the Clerk of Course / Circuit Duty Manager considers there to be a suitable amount of time to re-warm tyres up to operating temperature the session will be restarted with the current group. If it is considered that there is insufficient time remaining for the current group to re-warm their tyres then the session will be cancelled and the next group will start their session 
Where there is an accident and an injury has occurred, the injured party/parties wristband will be removed. If the medical staff clear the person(s) as fit to continue on the trackday, and their bike(s) have also cleared to continue, then they will receive a new wristband and can continue in their next allotted session 
In the event of an accident resulting in you being unable to partake in the rest of the day's sessions, we regret no refunds will be given 

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