The Lansdowne Series started up in 1999 so 2017 will be our 19th season, and it is great to be invited to have around of our Championship with Endurance Legends at Donington Park in May 2017. 
The Lansdowne Series arose after the first Goodwood Revival meeting when Richard Thirkell, Mark Blackden and others realised that there might well be enthusiasm for racing very standard specification 500cc and 350cc Grand Prix machines like those raced up till the end of 1963. 
The idea took hold and it wasn’t long before the Lansdowne was putting out full grids of such bikes and sometimes two grids. We have run with all the major motorcycle racing clubs as well as Moto GP, BSB and major car race meetings as well. 
The Series have 4 major Sponsors, Bonhams the Auctioneers who have been with us since the start, The National Motorcycle Museum, The Classic Motorcycle magazine and Avon Tyres – whose 19 inch product is the Control Tyre for the Bonhams Lansdowne Championship which is a full British Championship. 
Each sponsor puts its name to a Championship. The Bonhams British Championship is for the sponsored riders on pre 1964 Grand Prix machines, mainly Manx Nortons and G50 Matchless’. The National Motorcycle Museum sponsor the WRR 500cc Championship and this is for similar pre ’64 bikes of the owner/rider. The Avon Tyres Championship is for pre ’64 350cc machines and the Classic Motorcycle TCM Championship is for pre 1954 machines to the same spec as the Goodwood Revival meeting run every other year. 
The racing is always fast and furious, at the 2016 CRMC Donington Festival meeting only 0.60secs covered the first 4 over the line and at the time of writing this, with one more meeting (4 races) to go there is only 6 points between Chris Firmin and Mike Russell in the Bonhams British Championship, so an exciting last meeting for 2016. 
Fairings are not permitted so you can see the machine detail nicely and if you are too young to remember what 40 big singles sound like on a mass start you will have to come and hear it for yourselves! 
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