Victory of the Triumph 750 'Slippery Sam' at the last Bol d’Or on the track of Montlhéry (Team Smart / Dickie) in 1970, triumph for the Kawasaki 1000 of the mythical tandem Godier-Genoud at the Bol d’Or of 1974 and 1975 on the track of Le Mans, victory at the same race in 1977 of a monster of a bike, the Honda 1000 RCB, with another famous endurance team: Christian Léon and Jean-Claude Chemarin. 
So many images that will bring back the glorious years of endurance racing of the sixties and seventies to the many motorcycle fans. It is with this nostalgia in mind that DG Sport has decided to recreate this unique atmosphere with the organisation of a European series of 4 Hour races, in the framework of a FIM Europe Championship, the FIM Endurance Vintage Cup. 
Three races nicely spread over the year, taking place on three mythical tracks, Donington Park, Spa-Francorchamps and Imola. These classic endurance races will be integrated into classic events. All ingredients will be available to turn each and every of these events into a success, in order for the fans to live a real classic motorcycle festival with a 4 Hour endurance race as the main event of the weekend. 
The motorcycles participating at these races will be subdivided into three categories according to their displacement, the level of preparation and the date of production of the motorcycles. For the Maxi Classic category, the bikes will have to be built before the 31st of December 1982 whereas for the Classic and 750 categories the date of construction should be prior to 31 December 1981 and for the 750TT category prior to 31 December 1985. 
The teams can consist of two or three riders, in possession of a national license with allowance to ride abroad, this has to be submitted to the federation. Since 2016, a new regulation has been introduced to allow the non-professionals teams into the programme, the creation of 3 different riders’ status allowing the team to be split into 2 categories: Classic and Legend. These categories will be in the running for the overall rankings, all classes combined.The FIM Endurance Vintage Cup was especially set up for them, so that they can relive the exciting seventies, the real motorcycle years ! 

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